Art As Activity
March 31st - April 2nd 2021. Project Contemporary Artspace Wollongong

'Art As Activity' explores the concept of ‘dynamic sensation’ in neo-futurist art through the synchronization of virtual reality and installation art. The exhibition will portray Breda’s love of creating active participation in the gallery space, alongside his painting practice to form juxtapositions between innovative technology and traditional art.

Described by the Italian Futurists in 1909, ‘dynamic sensation’ involved artists representing their ‘whole environment’. This included depictions of machines, nature, humans and the movements of such; presented in unification. In contemporary space, our environment also includes the digitalised spaces of screen culture, digital interfaces and virtual environments. To convey this concept in a neo-futurist manner, this project will create active participation through the synchronization of the Virtual interface with real-life experience through installation and virtual reality art.

Executed with the Oculus Quest 2, Unity 3d, and a physical installation, ‘Art as Activity’ will personify this concept in the form of a physical and virtual ball pit. Traditionally a play environment, the ball pit assists children to develop their sensory motor skills in their formative years. Similarly, VR has been used in contemporary space as an extension of human cognition. The synchronization of these tools will form an uncanny unification of real and virtual space as we know it. Enabling gallery participants to be immersed in a physical ball pit, whilst interacting with the VR ball pit. The simplicity of the ball pit will identify the contemporary human relationship with our ‘whole’ environment and understanding of real space.

‘Art As Activity’ will be on view at Project Contemporary ArtSpace Wollongong from March 31st - April 11th

Opening night Friday April 2nd, 6pm.

Presented by Daniel Breda.

Supported by the City of Wollongong

Proudly sponsored by Verb Syndicate, Young Henrys and Crown Art & Design.